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Here are the answers which explain our choice of name and the services we provide.

Firstly, Apaté is the Greek goddess of fraud and deceit, whose spirit was released from Pandora’s Box.

We all know that putting those spirits back in the box will never be 100%, but Apaté Consultancy will make a big difference in reducing fraud impact on a business.

The golden orbs represent the spirits escaping from the box ( And also profitability from draining away )!

The goddess Apaté is a powerful opponent which should never be underestimated.

We believe you can never let your guard down with fraud, so knowing you have our resources available to you to deploy and support your business, when you need them, is important.

We have a reputation for being innovative, with unusual approaches to solutions, so we invite you to click on play button and witness the ”birth” of Apaté Consultancy....

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